8 Fun Floral Trends and Colors

October 13, 2015

1. Be bold and creative with color

Have fun and make a statement. Vivid, dramatic colors from royal blue, burnt orange or bright yellow are stunning. Select just one color and include a variety of shades and textures. Unusual color combinations can also be striking, such as mint green with cherry red.

2. Wrap it up

Your bouquet stems and centerpieces can be creatively enveloped to enhance your theme. From rustic burlap, tree bark and banana leaves to velvet, satin or metallic ribbon.

3. Variety is the spice of life

Mix up your bridesmaids bouquets. They should all look like they belong in the same wedding, but just like variety in dress styles, consider altering the arrangement to create an interesting mix of floral design.

4. Add a meaningful touch

Add a few items of real sentimental value into your fresh flower bouquets. Your florist can safely secure your grandma’s brooch in just the right places to enhance the look, incorporating “something” old with real meaning. What about your mothers peals, beautifully draped within.

5. Get Fruity

The pigments of fruits naturally complement flowers like bright yellow lemon next to a full chrysanthemum or a beautiful apple next to a bright red rose. Use the same fruits to accent drinks and as decoration.

6. Black, white and red all over

White dress, black tuxes plus any and all shades of red are the perfect accompaniment. From the classic red rose to trendsetting dahlias, tulips, red freesia and berries. A skilled floral designer will be able to put the right shades together.

7. Flower Power

The elegant yet easy way to beautify any wedding cake is with flowers. It continues your color scheme and what can we say, we Love the combination.

8. Tickle me Pretty

Feathers are a unique touch, adding a sense of whimsy to wedding flowers. Whether used for accent, dramatic extension or filler, feathers have made a solid impact on wedding bouquets and centerpieces.

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