Bridal Jewelry Trends for 2019

February 27, 2019

Jewelry on a wedding day plays a small but important part of any bride’s ensemble. Jewelry brings all the pieces together into a seamless, beautiful look that will be captured for a lifetime in photographs. As fashion trends change, so does jewelry, even down to the types of engagement and wedding rings couples choose. Through the years, we can see trends shape the way brides choose their accessories and even observe the cyclical nature of fashion.


We’ve been observing multiple trends for rings that brides (or their partners) are choosing to wear. Colored stones are making a comeback for engagement rings, including rubies, sapphires, emeralds or colored diamonds. They’re becoming more and more popular in wedding bands as well, being used as a way to bring eye-catching color to their ring set.

As another way to bring variation into the traditional wedding ring set, partners are choosing to experiment with stackable rings. These rings can bring color, texture, and even mixed metals to the set. This trend is a great way to play with different looks and get a feel for what works best with your existing rings.


What adorns the ears plays a big part in wedding jewelry. Hairstyles can either hide or accentuate earrings but for brides with pierced ears, they often are used to tie together the entire ensemble. What we’re seeing trending for 2019 are drop statement earrings with traditional, sleek partial or full updos. These kinds of earrings can bring a serious sense of bling to any bride.


Depending on the neckline of the gown, necklaces can be statement pieces or understated additions to the overall look. With next year’s trend to statement earrings, necklaces will be taking a back seat, encouraging simple and delicate, yet elegant pieces.

Layered necklaces create a similar effect to stacked rings. They can accent various parts of the brides decolletage, even incorporating that mixed metal trend that we’re seeing, while being simple pieces to add to a bridal look. Choker necklaces, which have been making a comeback for the last couple years, are being seen with an addition of a long end that will work with most necklines on bridal gowns. Again, simple yet tasteful and paired with statement necklaces is the key for 2019.


Amanda Hennigan is a content creator with a passion for fashion trends and hiking in the Adirondacks with her family.

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