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Flowers…What Not To Do!

Jack Edmonds, Premier Bride of Orlando

April 14, 2021

We see it at every wedding we attend. The beautiful bride walking up the aisle on her parent’s arm, wearing her perfect wedding gown, accented by a beautiful, bountiful floral bouquet. For the bride, getting to this point in the ceremony, has been wrought with many decisions, some easier than others, and some decisions, unexpectedly, unfathomably difficult. And sometimes, it is not the dress, but the little things, like the flowers that can be the cause the biggest problem.

Fresh Flowers on Valentine’s Day?

I recently had a bride that had the most perfect day for her wedding. One, seemingly the most romantic Saturday of the year for a wedding, Valentine’s Day. The venue, no problem. The dress, no problem. The caterer, the music, the photographer, the DJ, same, same, same, same. The flowers, horror story!  My bride was yelled at, cussed out, thrown out, insulted by every florist she attempted to book for her wedding flowers.

Why? Valentine’s Day is numero uno holiday for florist and floral purchases, and according to About Flowers, represents 30% of all yearly sales, and 28% of a florist’s yearly sales in dollars, followed closely by Mother’s Day and Chanukah/Christmas. All hands are on deck at the florists the week of Valentine’s Day, receiving flowers, making arrangements and of course, delivering them.

Silk Flowers are a Great Option

Quite simply, your Valentine’s Day flower purchase is just a pain in the…you know what. Whether your flower budget is a simple bouquet of $200 or bouquets for the bridesmaids, boutonnieres for the men and table decorations, with a budget of $2,500, it pales in comparison to the other sales and work that a florist will put in on Valentines’ Day.

So, if you are planning on a Valentine’s Day wedding, or even a wedding the week of Valentine’s day, be forewarned, you might want to go with silk flowers.

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