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February 16, 2016

Late Night Menu

One food feature that you will find at almost every wedding are late-night eats. Guests have sat through a wedding, enjoyed cocktails and appetizers, ate dinner, listened to toasts, and danced the night away, of course they will want more food! Usually served during the dance, the fare is less formal, think more comfort than elegance. Pizza is always a crowd favorite and can be prepared quickly and cheaply. Sweeter fares can be cupcakes or cookies. The point is to quickly and easily give your guests something to eat so they can keep their energy up and help you celebrate to the end of the night, substance trumps style in this case.

FoodtruckFood Trucks

Food trucks are not just exploding in popularity all across America, they are also popping up at weddings. Why? Simple: they offer great food and a fun and memorable environment. The food is typically made on-site and to order so you know the product will be fresh. Many food trucks offer non-traditional culinary options that wouldn’t normally be considered or available. Not only is the food a hit but a food truck provides a funky and open environment for guests to celebrate outside of your typical reception sites.

SignatureDrinksSignature Drinks

Skip the standard beer-and-wine for something more modern and fun, a signature cocktail. Such a drink can take clues from many places; is the area known for a particular flavor? Incorporate it into the drink. Maybe the bride and groom have a favorite libation that they want to share with their guests. Signature cocktails often have a small sign with an explanation as to what they contain and their significance to the day or location. Such drinks don’t have to be limited to alcohol, non-alcoholic can be served either in tandem or on their own.

FarmToTableFarm to Table

Fresh food tastes better, it’s a fact. Knowing that, weddings are jumping on the bandwagon of featuring locally and sustainably sourced food. Geographic regions often have their own culinary style and unique flavor based on what is grown and raised there, couples in the know can use this to their advantage in creating their menu to feature only the freshest local food. Besides great flavors such a menu provides a great financial impact to local farmers and food artisans.

Small Plates

Gone are the days of big bowls of stuffing and gravy passed around the table, small plates are what couples in the know are serving. Instead of one or two options, many weddings feature multiple choices in smaller portions for their guests to enjoy. Not only does this provide a broader range of flavors and foods to taste but it also allows for fun and inventive options that wouldn’t find a place at the table.

DIY Desserts

Wedding cake may be traditional but dessert bars are becoming popular, and with good reason. Who doesn’t want to make their own ice cream sundae or brownie? Numerous stations, each featuring a different option, allows guests to cater to their individual tastes and appetites. In addition to a fun DIY environment it also encourages guests to get up, walk around, and socialize.

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