Gowns That Celebrate Architectural Classics and Romantic Soft Styling

March 8, 2023

Rita Vinieris Bridal Collection

The Rita Vinieris Bridal Collection, ALYNE, was inspired by that moment of daytime before sunset when magical moments emerge and refractive beauty is illuminated, the Golden Hour. The modern radiance of Fall 2023 is captured by an array of Italian silks, liquid shimmer, hand-painted tulle and sprinkles of pearls. The harmonious balance of majestic and architectural silhouettes ignites lucid dreaming. Stay golden.

The Madeline Bridal Collection

The collection is inspired by beauty from within and the concept of being beautiful from both the inside and out. The MADELINE gowns in the Madeline Gardner Bridal Collection are designed not just to be stunning on the outside, but a tremendous amount of detail goes into the interior construction of each gown. The most exquisite fabrics are curated to speak to the collection’s level of luxury and rich details. The wish is always just to make the most beautiful gown.

Mark Ingram Bridal Collection

The main inspiration for the Mark Ingram Bridal Collection was  hometown, New York, NY. Such architectural treasures as The Guggenheim Museum, The Empire State, and Chryster Buildings served as influences for the more tailored architectural styles. This is evident in the neckline draping, geometric paneling, and top stitched seaming incorporated in the classic styles. The more romantic and soft styles were inspired by iconic and beautiful NYC interiors such as the ceiling and molding details of the glorious Grand Central Station and the elaborate wood-carved pillars and finials of the Plaza’s famed Edwardian Room and Palm Court.

Morilee Bridal Collection

The Fall 2023 Morilee Bridal Collection was inspired by the edgy spirit of New York combined with the romantic essence of bridal for a collection like no other, soft and delicate yet fierce and strong. Full of both over-the-top ball gowns and strikingly simplistic styles, all combined with their signature touch of romance. This collection sees a return to bridal trends of the past, making them new and fresh again. The collection brings traditional touches and mixed them with unexpected elements, creating designs that are meant to excite and inspire. The empire collection is dynamic, romantic, and diversified, just like all the brides from around the world.

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