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August 16, 2016

When planning a wedding, choosing the right cake can make for a difficult decision. It’s important for the cake to not only be delicious, but for it to also act as a centerpiece for the entire wedding. That’s a load of pressure to put on dessert!

There are endless options for creating a beautiful cake, but one of the most unique is ombre colored frosting. Within the past several years we’ve seen ombre toned everything, from clothes to hair to nails, and now even to dessert. If you’re someone who appreciates a little flare, the ombre trend could be just what you’re looking for. Compiled below are some of the most gorgeous, ombre-frosted cakes on the internet to give you a little inspiration for your own wedding dessert.

The ruffled, soft-colored, ombre frosting, and the attention to detail on the cakes pictured above are stunning. They would go beautifully with a rustic or vintage wedding.

The above cakes are perfect for a bride who loves bright colors and cool themes! They are both different, fun, and ideal if you want a gorgeous, playful wedding cake.

For those who appreciate tradition, yet would still like to have a little ombre fun on their big day, these two cakes are the perfect muses. The cake on the left appears to be a traditional white cake, however guests will be pleasantly surprised to see brightly colored ombre cake underneath the frosting. The cake on the right is ombre toned, but because the color of the frosting is so soft, and the detail so elegant, this cake manages to pull off traditional and trendy.

Checking out Pinterest is one of the best ways to find large quantities of photos for cake inspiration. Be sure to head over to your local Premier Bride’s website for a list of wedding cake vendors in your area so you can make the dessert of your dreams a reality! Happy cake hunting!

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