Unique Wedding Favors

Unique Wedding Favors

Premier Bride of Jacksonville & St. Augustine

May 6, 2022

Wedding favors have evolved over the years and unique/personalized wedding favors are a hot trend in 2022.  Like many other elements of the wedding, wedding favors are becoming more customized and personalized.  We are also seeing couples putting a lot of thought into the wedding favor by choosing a version of some of their favorite things and turning that into the favor!  Here are some examples we have found that are unique.

Custom Bottle Openers

Personalized Bottle Opener

For the couple who loves craft beer, think about a personalized wooden bottle opener like the one from Smokin’ Lew

Smokin’ Lew Cocktail Smokers (@smokinlew)

The Candle Garden

Create Your Own Candle Scent

Are you looking for a really fun activity for you and your fiancé?  Then look no further than The Candle Garden!  This adorable shop and create your very own candle scent that you can turn into wedding favors and give to your guests!  It’s an incredibly unique wedding favor that will have your guests breathing in your custom scent!

The Candle Garden | Facebook

All Spiced Up

BBQ Lovers?

If the couple loves to BBQ then a custom spice rub for steaks, burgers or chicken might just be the perfect wedding favor.  At All Spiced Up, you can create a unique rub that your guests can take home and enjoy the next time they fire up the grill.

All Spiced Up

Happy Moose Garden Art

Inspired by Nature

Couples who are looking for something green might love the options by the Happy Moose Garden!  They can custom paint terracotta pots and plant a cactus or succulent!  This makes a low maintenance live plant wedding favor that they can enjoy for months or years! We love this option because it also gives the table décor an added element!

View SHOWER/EVENT FAVORS by HappyMooseGardenArt on Etsy

Wedding Wine Label

Private Label Wine Bottles

When we asked the wedding professionals who are at weddings every weekend, all year long…their answers were unanimous when asked what the best wedding favor is…a bottle of wine!  Selecting a wine from a local vineyard or creating a “couple inspired” label buts a thoughtful touch on the gift!

PRINTED Photo Wine Bottle Label Personalized Wine Label | Etsy

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

A Sweet Ending

Who doesn’t love donuts?  And Krispy Kreme is hard to beat when you want a glazed donut!  Krispy Kreme has a two donut box….perfect for the ride home snack!  Unless your guests are on the Keto diet…they won’t turn down this wedding favor!

Wedding Playlist

On a Tight Budget?

If you are on a tight wedding budget and need a close-to-free option, you could create a QR Code that takes your guests to a custom playlist complete with all the couple’s favorite songs.  It’s a cute way to share your favorite songs with your favorite people.

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